Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm back part one.

Has it been more than a year since I wrote on this blog? Wow-we-wow wow. Lots of riding and racing has happened since we last spoke. Lots of other things in life also, mostly good stuff. I do try to keep this a cycling related blog for the most part. Why? Because its mine! If you want the world to know all about how the dude with the tongue piercing at Starbucks got too much frapa in your chino, then go to Facebook.

Please allow me to skim the last 13 or so months for your reading pleasure. First I shaved my legs like any serious cyclist does. Then I rode more than my wife thought possible, and that was just the first day! I have never kept track of my miles for the year. What if I ride less mileage one year, compared to the one before it? As long as I feel improvements, its all good.

(Yes we rode New years day with snow on the ground and some slushy roads.)

I forgot how this blogging tires me. I'm going to bed, be back soon for part two.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Look who stopped in...

Today is Friday! The past week has been stressful at work. 2 guys short and lots of cars to get worked on means 11 or 12 hour days. It means little time for bike riding. That means a grumpy Brian. Arriving home this evening, all I wanted to do was relax. Sitting on the back patio and watching the birds was just the ticket. Feeling a tickle on my arm, I found this little guy crawling on me! A baby Praying Mantis.

How old could this little guy be?

Decompression is what I needed. Maybe next week will be better. Better= more time to ride! (Yes that is my hand)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First ride on the new bike!

Put 95 miles on the new bike this weekend. Gary Fisher Cronus Ultimate. A longer stem and my new Bontrager Aeolus 5.0's should be in this week. Hard to fairly compare the Madone and this bike with different wheels. My initial reviews are positive. The bike seems very responsive and stiff, but still a comfy ride. The Sram Red shifts good with the new Dura Ace chain. A few more tweeks to the saddle this week and I should be ready for the Cap 2 Cap Century next weekend! Hope to see you there.

Thanks to Rick Bartels. Thanks to Trek and Gary Fisher for getting me the bike so fast, and for making 2 top notch bikes. Thanks to Rick Young and BikeBeat for helping a brother out. Lots of paper work. For everyone who had to put up with my funk this week... deal with it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll miss you... RIP... or : It's just a bike.

Even all smashed and broken, laying there in tangled mess, your were still beautiful. I miss you already. I remember like it was 8 months ago how I picked out your every cable housing color, wheel color, and many other things to match your frame. Meticulously pouring over every option and combination of paint schemes until I was completely satisfied. Please always remember that I was truly satisfied when I was riding you or even gazing upon you. The ride quality was magnificent. I am glad to have many pictures of us together. This separation is not what I had envisioned for our future, it was not done on purpose. Only a moment of absent mindedness to ruin it all. You were no match for that Suburban, not a fair fight I know. You went down with the most horrible screech imaginable. I don't wish anyone to ever hear that sound. I have started the healing process, it gets easier every day. I'm glad you won't be around to see my new bike arrive, that wouldn't be right. Rest assured no matter how much I enjoy this bike, I will always remember the good times we had together. Then again... you are just a bike.